The Laboratory of Informatics in Economic Sciences aims to promote research and innovation in areas such as Data Mining from Economic Data, Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, Decision Support Systems, Information Systems. At the same time, it aims at research cooperation with relevant laboratories and research centers in Greece and abroad and the connection with economic and social institutions.

In the lab

There are fifty computers, a number of printers, scanners and complete audiovisual equipment, covering the needs:

Of the research activities of the laboratory (processing of research data, simulations, use of scientific software, etc.)

Of the teaching activities of the department (teaching of laboratory courses, elaboration of works, presentations, seminars, etc.)

Our Computers

Are connected to the internet and serve researchers / students:

To access internet scientific resources (scientific articles, econimic data, etc.)

To access the electronic services offered by our university (AUTh library system, electronic secretariat, book distribution system, etc.)

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